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What problems should be paid attention to in the tap water detector

by:BOQU     2021-07-09

A water quality sensor is used to test the changes of common water quality parameters such as tap water. These instruments provide a standard tool that can be used to gather information from various water sources. The water quality analysis instrument can monitor the parameters of water temperature, ph and dissolved oxygen conductivity, as well as analyze the nitrogen/phosphorus concentration, turbidity, the content of large invertebrates, pesticides and toxic chemicals, and the analysts can pass the data of these parameters. Have an accurate judgment on water quality. However, these parameters are easily subject to external interference in practice.

A slight negligence in the operation of water quality analysis equipment may result in data presentation errors, so we have been reminding us to standardize the operation of the analysis equipment, and to understand what problems should be paid attention to when using water quality analysis equipment to analyze tap water, etc. And so on, but sometimes there are some conventional faults in the operation. For example, we all know that water quality analysis equipment has many different types for different substances.

Like an instrument dedicated to one parameter and an instrument that analyzes multiple parameters, although the general operation of these instruments is the same, there are differences in some details for different analysis parameters, and many people are here There is a problem.

According to our operating experience, technicians still need to read the operating instructions before starting to use the new tap water analysis instrument. The main reason is that some settings are different between different manufacturers, which can avoid equipment problems caused by the analysts not knowing that the manufacturer has changed some functions during the production process. Including some accessories for water quality analysis. Before you start to use it, you should also read the explanation carefully until you are thoroughly familiar with each step of the operation.

There are also some water quality parameters that require reagents during analysis. Perhaps some water quality analysis methods require reagents. The selection and dosage of reagents can affect the final analysis results, such as water quality analysis equipment using spectrophotometers. When analyzing some ions, the cooperation of reagents is required. If the content of ions or reagents in the water sample exceeds the analysis scale, the analyzed data will not be accurate.

In addition, we also need to pay attention to the different thicknesses of the sample bottle sometimes causing some deviations in the data. Although this situation will only occur in a small number of conditions, we recommend that you try to use the same batch of samples when analyzing the same water quality sample. bottle.

After these contents, it is helpful for the operators of tap water analysis equipment to find and correct mistakes. It can also minimize the impact of parameter inaccuracy.

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