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What reagents should be prepared for total nitrogen detection, and what is the significance of the detection?

by:BOQU     2022-02-21

Total nitrogen testing is of great significance for testing the pollution degree of water quality, and it is also one of the key indicators to measure the quality of water quality. If the nitrogen content is too high when testing water quality, it means that the water quality has suffered More serious pollution, otherwise, there is no serious pollution, then what is the specific meaning of total nitrogen detection, let's talk about it next:

Reagent preparation for total nitrogen detection:

1. Preparation of ammonia-free water: acidify ordinary deionized water with sulfuric acid to pH<2, then distill, discard the initial 100 ml of distillate, collect enough distillate, and store it in a polyethylene container in a sealed container.

2. Alkaline potassium persulfate solution: called 40g potassium persulfate (K2S2O8) and 15g sodium hydroxide (NaOH), dissolved in water, diluted with water to 1000ml, stored in a polyethylene bottle, can be used for a week .

3. Hydrochloric acid: C(HCl)u003d5mol/L, pure and high quality.

4. Titanium trichloride: stock solution 15%, chemically pure.

5. Anhydrous magnesium perchlorate (Mg(ClO4)2): 8~10 mesh particles.

6. Nitrate nitrogen standard stock solution (1.00mg/ml): called superior pure sodium nitrate (NaNO3) 3.034g, pre-dried at 105~110℃ for 2 hours, dissolved and transferred into a 500ml volumetric flask, diluted with water to line, shake.

7. Nitrate nitrogen standard solution (10.00μg/ml): absorb nitrate-nitrogen standard stock solution (5.6) and dilute it with water gradually.

The main significance of total nitrogen detection:

1. When the nitrite nitrogen content in the water is too high, drinking this water will combine with protein to form nitrosamines, which is a strong carcinogen. Long-term drinking is extremely harmful to the human body. In addition, ammonia nitrogen is also converted into nitrite nitrogen under anaerobic conditions; nitrate-nitrogen in drinking water is reduced to nitrite nitrogen after being acted by nitrate-reducing bacteria in the body, and the toxicity will increase to 11% of nitrate toxicity. times, which mainly affects the ability of hemoglobin to carry oxygen, causing the human body to suffocate.

2. The detected total nitrogen is the main indicator reflecting water eutrophication. The occurrence of the Taihu Lake water pollution incident made the supervisory department realize the danger of total nitrogen again. It is of great significance to control the eutrophication of the water body and improve the water quality to grasp the total nitrogen discharge, distribution, and main sources.

The above introduction of total nitrogen testing can provide you with a reference standard in the selection process, which is convenient for your daily life.

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