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What routine maintenance work should BOD analyzer do?

by:BOQU     2021-07-26

Online BOD analyzer is used for water quality analysis. Every parameter is very important. If you want to ensure the accuracy of the value during analysis, you must first determine the condition of the analysis equipment, for example, determine whether the sensor for water quality analysis is faulty, Pollution and other problems, if these problems are presented, they need to be dealt with in a timely manner. Secondly, when analyzing the water quality, the detection method should be determined. Different water quality parameters are used in the analysis but are different from the perspective. The accuracy of the analysis results. For example, wastewater needs to be analyzed after treatment, and COD (chemical oxygen demand) is the primary reference target, but in addition to COD (chemical oxygen demand), BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) is also very important.

In the daily use of online BOD analyzers, many people do not pay attention to protection, which leads to large parameter errors in the analysis process. However, some people will still have some problems even though they will protect them regularly. Many people want to know how to protect the analyzer.

In fact, it is very simple to protect, only needs to be calibrated regularly. Or take care of the analysis probe, such as preventing the probe from scratching, and replacing some severely worn probes. This is to ensure that the analyzer will not show errors. Today we will tell you some detailed protection methods for online BOD analyzers.

Protection method of online BOD analyzer:

When encountering the problem of incorrect parameter values, most online BOD analyzer technicians will first think that the instrument or probe is present. But sometimes it is not necessarily the impact of these two elements. After all, there are many reasons that can affect the results of the analysis.

1. Calibration: Regardless of the skill of the water quality analyst, it is recommended to calibrate the instrument only once a day before reading the data. Ensure that there are no water droplets on the tip of the probe before calibration and that the probe is in a 100% water-saturated air environment. Put the probe back into the storage bottle when not in use. Make sure that the bottle is kept clean. Any contamination of the bottle may affect the calibration.

2. Probe care: The sensor must have fresh electrolyte and membrane and maintain anode and cathode so that it can achieve the desired performance. The optical sensor only needs to visually check the paint layer on the sensor cover occasionally.

3. Warm-up time: Before calibrating and using the probe, the polarographic probe may need enough warm-up time for 5-15 minutes. Because of inaccurate calibration, incorrect warm-up times may easily lead to errors in the online BOD analyzer data. But if it is a spectroscopic probe, no warm-up time is required.

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