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What should be paid attention to when testing the BOD of water quality

by:BOQU     2023-03-08
When testing the BOD of water quality, sample collection and pretreatment can directly affect the final measurement results. Therefore, when collecting samples, water quality testing personnel must let the collected liquid be filled and sealed in the bottle. If the test cannot be carried out immediately, the sample can be Store in an environment at 0-4°C. The storage time range is generally about 6 hours, and the maximum cannot exceed 24 hours, and pretreatment should be carried out as soon as possible according to the specific conditions of the water quality. The bod detector is based on the national standard 'HJ505-2009' 5 cultivation method, simulating the degradation process of organic matter in nature, and adopts a simple, safe and reliable mercury pressure differential sensing method to measure BOD in the medium. Fully intelligent design, advanced research and development technology and design and manufacture, the experiment process needs to be guarded by the experimenter. It is suitable for BOD (chemical oxygen demand) determination in the fields of sewage discharge enterprises, environmental monitoring, sewage treatment, third testing institutions, scientific research, schools and other fields. Product features of BOD analyzer: 1. Measure 1-6 samples at the same time without conversion, and directly display the BOD concentration value. 2. The test sample is shipped independently, and you can decide to start measuring a single sample at any time. 3. The current experimental data and the historical data of the five chemical oxygen demand can be viewed at any time. 4. Mercury differential pressure method, mercury pollution, and accurate and reliable data. 5. Microprocessor control system is adopted to complete the measurement process automatically, and special supervision is required. 6. The measurement range is optional, and it needs to be diluted to determine the BOD value of 0-4000mg/L. 7. The setting can be completed by simply pressing the button, and the test can be completed by filling the sample into the bottle according to the volume set by the measuring range. 8. Equipped with all the reagents and accessories required for the experiment, and equipped with a series of overflow bottles, it can take samples accurately and quickly. 9. Each test cap has a color LCD display, which independently displays the test time, measurement results, sampling volume, etc.
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