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What should be paid attention to when testing the BOD of water quality

by:BOQU     2023-03-08
When testing the BOD of water quality, sample collection and pretreatment can directly affect the final measurement results. Therefore, when collecting samples, water quality testing personnel must let the collected liquid be filled and sealed in the bottle. If the test cannot be carried out immediately, the sample can be Store in an environment at 0-4°C. The storage time range is generally about 6 hours, and the maximum cannot exceed 24 hours, and pretreatment should be carried out as soon as possible according to the specific conditions of the water quality. The measuring instrument is based on the 5-day cultivation method of the national standard 'HJ505-2009', which simulates the biodegradation process of organic matter in nature, and uses a simple, safe and reliable mercury-free differential pressure sensing method to measure medium BOD. Fully intelligent design, advanced research and development technology and design and manufacture, the experiment process needs to be guarded by the experimenter. It is suitable for BOD (chemical oxygen demand) determination in sewage discharge enterprises, environmental monitoring, sewage treatment plants, third-party testing institutions, scientific research, schools and other fields. Product features of the measuring instrument 1. Support simultaneous measurement of 1-6 samples without conversion, and directly display the BOD concentration value. 2. Test samples run independently, and you can decide to start measuring a single sample at any time. 3. You can view the current experimental data and the historical data of five-day biochemical oxygen demand at any time. 4. Adopt mercury-free differential pressure method, no mercury pollution, and the data is accurate and reliable. 5. The microprocessor control system is used to automatically complete the measurement process without special supervision. 6. The measuring range is wide and optional, no need to dilute to choose to measure the BOD value of 0-4000mg/L. 7. It only needs simple buttons to complete the setting, and the water sample is bottled according to the volume set by the range to complete the test. 8. Equipped with all the reagents and accessories required for the experiment, and equipped with a series of overflow bottles to facilitate accurate and rapid sampling. 9. Each test cap has a color LCD display, which independently displays the test time, measurement results, sampling volume, etc.
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