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What should be paid attention to when using COD ammonia nitrogen analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-03-10
The COD ammonia nitrogen analyzer can directly measure COD and ammonia nitrogen. COD is catalyzed and digested by sealing, and then measured by colorimetry. Ammonia nitrogen was determined by the Nessler colorimetric method. 1. To reduce the mutual influence of samples during detection, the digestion tubes and caps of blanks, standard samples, and samples should be fixed to improve the accuracy of detection and reduce errors caused by operations. 2. COD digestion is airtight digestion. Before digestion, shake it upside down. If there is leakage, it cannot be put into the digestion instrument. During digestion, the digestion tube cap must be tightened to avoid leakage of the instrument. 3. According to the concentration value of the sample to be tested, the corresponding standard curve should be selected. 4. Since the oxidant contains a chloride ion masking agent, there may be a small amount of precipitation after digestion. When colorimetric, do not shake the digestion colorimetric tube to avoid precipitation floating up, resulting in deviation of results. 5. Under normal circumstances, the r value of the correlation coefficient of the standard curve should be above 0.990. If the r value of the calibrated standard curve is lower than 0.990, it indicates that there is a problem with the standard preparation or the colorimetric operation is not standardized. Careful analysis should be performed to eliminate them one by one. 6. The digestion colorimetric tube must be kept clean and avoid touching the light-transmitting surface with hands. If there is solution hanging on the outer wall of the tube before placing the tube into the colorimeter, it should be wiped clean with soft absorbent paper to avoid zero point drift and corrosion of the instrument. 7. The reagents used in the experiment are all strong acids, do not touch them directly to prevent accidental burns. When digesting, remember to put on the protective cover to avoid accidental injury to the instrument and the operator.
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