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What should I do if the test result of the cod analyzer is 0?

by:BOQU     2022-06-22

Lab cod analyzer has automatic calibration function, the instrument comes standard with a 5-inch color touch screen, has double insurance high-temperature overload protection, special water quality digestion system, solidifies conventional digestion items, one-button operation digestion, and automatic alarm prompt when digestion is completed.

When the user encounters the value of '0' measured by the laboratory cod analyzer, there are generally the following suggestions:

1. When the approximate concentration range of the tested water sample is known, determine whether the cod of the tested water sample is very low. When the cod value is particularly low, it is lower than the range (lower limit of detection), and the cod test result will appear. the case of 0. Conversely, when the concentration value of the tested water sample is higher than a certain span of the measuring range, the displayed value will also be 0.

2. When the water sample is a blind sample, it can be judged by visual comparison with the blank sample. If the color of the water sample is very close to the blank water sample, the concentration is too low. If the color of the water sample is too low It is very different from the blank sample, such as dark blue, which means that the concentration value is too high and the display is 0. Please dilute it before measuring.

3. Check whether the current measured cod analyzer curve-related value is displayed as 0, if it is displayed as 0, please restore the instrument to the factory settings with one key and then measure, if it is not 0, find other reasons.

4. Put the instrument on the measurement interface, observe whether the L value of the instrument interface is normal, or observe whether the light source in the colorimetric cell has a light, if there is no light, it means that the optical path is damaged, please return to the factory for repair, if the optical path is normal, look for other reasons.

5. Confirm that the blank sample and the water sample are correct, such as both blank samples or water samples to be tested.

6. Confirm whether the blank value and the water sample to be tested are reversed. The two water samples can be used as the blank and the water sample to be tested in turn.

7. Detect the shelf life of cod reagents to determine whether the reagents have deteriorated.

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