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What to do to meet river water quality standards

by:BOQU     2023-03-14
Water quality detector. We can learn about the water conditions of rivers through the ecological and environmental protection bureaus of major cities. Although relevant departments in my country have paid more and more attention to water quality safety in recent years, there are still cases where rivers do not meet the standards. So what should be done to improve the water quality of the river and ensure that the water quality of the river meets the standard? With the goal of improving water quality, we should focus on some water-related pollution sources. Simply put, it is the sewage outlets entering the river water source and the sewage and wastewater discharge of enterprises. In fact, it is also common in any life, whether it is some living habits of enterprises or ordinary people, all the garbage generated in the production process of enterprises is dumped into rivers, lakes and seas, and ordinary people will also throw some garbage or livestock of unknown cause into the river. Although this phenomenon is better than before, it still exists. This will cause pollution to the water quality of the river and affect our normal use. In addition, some waste will be generated during the production process of the enterprise, which will be directly poured into the river, and no one will know that it is washed away by the river. In addition, the river water is flowing and has self-purification ability. I don’t think it will cause any serious pollution. In short, I look at the problem with a fluke heart. If something happens, the consequences are unpredictable! Of course, there is also the problem of sewage and wastewater discharge. I believe everyone has heard of this issue and have seen a lot of similar news. The problem of sewage and wastewater discharge needs to be taken seriously. Whether it is corporate wastewater discharge or domestic sewage, we must remind everyone that it is necessary Disinfect it, and then do water quality monitoring, observe the content of harmful substances in the sewage and wastewater, and take timely measures if it exceeds the standard, and it cannot be discharged directly. It can only be discharged after the various indicators are qualified. Water quality detector.
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