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What to Know Before Choosing a Total Chlorine Analyzer

by:BOQU     2023-03-25
The total chlorine analyzer has a low battery indicator function and an automatic shutdown function. The free chlorine total chlorine rapid tester is usually widely used in food and beverage, CDC, tap water supply, secondary water supply, swimming pool, breeding and other industries. Before calibration, ensure that the electrode membrane head device of the total chlorine analyzer is intact, put it into tap water, and connect it to the surface for more than two hours to polarize (activate) the electrode before it is more accurate to calibrate. (1) Zero point calibration: (If the measured pH is not used, the pH electrode may not be put in but the pH value must be manually known): Place the residual chlorine electrode and the pH electrode together in distilled water or pure water (zero-degree chlorine-free water) , operate the instrument to enter the 'Zero Calibration' menu, press the 'OK' button, press the 'OK' button after the current is stable, and then press the 'OK' button, the calibrated data will be stored at this time, and then press the 'Exit' Come back and the Lord will appear. (2) Slope calibration: (a) Conditional reference method: equipment materials for calibration of total chlorine analyzer: one small stirrer, one total chlorine analyzer for laboratory, one 250mL glass beaker, micro pipette One, sodium chlorate solution is appropriate, 4.00 or 6.86pH buffer solution is appropriate. What should I know before choosing a total chlorine analyzer? 1. What does the instrument do? The instrument is mainly used to detect the residual chlorine/total chlorine value after the reaction in the water sample. There are detectors that can measure residual chlorine or total chlorine alone, and there are also two-in-one detectors. 2. Understand the classification and applicable places of detectors and determine the working environment of the instruments you need. ① It is recommended to choose pen-type or portable instruments for outdoors and fields; ② It is recommended to choose desktop instruments for laboratories and laboratories; Chlorine detector.
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