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What water quality parameters are usually tested for domestic water

by:BOQU     2023-03-09
Domestic water refers to the water needed by human beings in daily life, generally including urban and rural domestic water. Compared with domestic water in rural areas, there are relatively more types of domestic water in cities and towns. In addition to daily residential water, there is also water for catering, construction, freight, service industries and other industries. For the consideration of human health, domestic water also needs to be tested. Do you know what water quality parameters are usually tested for domestic water? The following parameters are usually tested for domestic water: residual chlorine. Residual chlorine refers to the effective chlorine remaining in the water after the water has been chlorinated and disinfected for a period of time. If the concentration of residual chlorine in domestic water is too high, it will cause damage to the respiratory system of humans and animals due to its irritation. In addition, residual chlorine is also easy to react with organic matter in water to generate carcinogens such as trimethophan. Drinking water with high residual chlorine content for a long time, the result can be imagined. chroma. In layman's terms, chroma refers to the color of water, and refers to the degree of yellowish or even yellowish brown of soluble substances or colloidal substances in water. Chromaticity is one of the main pollution indicators. Usually, the color of water means that the water is polluted. The color of domestic water will also affect the psychology of drinkers. Turbidity. Turbidity is caused by insoluble substances in water, these insoluble substances generally include clay, sludge, colloidal particles and so on. Generally, the more insoluble substances in water, the higher the turbidity. It is often used to express the clarity or turbidity of water PH. PH value is one of the important water quality indicators. It generally refers to the hydrogen ion concentration index in water. The pH value of water can be known from the hydrogen ion concentration in water. If the PH value is too high or too low, it will have an impact on human health. conductivity. Conductivity is a digital representation of the ability of a solution to conduct current. The conductivity of pure water is generally relatively small, but when there are inorganic acids, salts and other substances in the water, the conductivity will increase, and it is often used to judge the total concentration of ionic components in water . The above listed are just a few routine parameters for domestic water testing. For the sake of human health, there are many water quality parameters that need to be tested, such as total hardness, alkalinity, acidity, BOD and some microbial detection. important.
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