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Where is Boqu Instrument factory located?
The Shanghai Boqu Instrument Co., Ltd. factory is located in the suburb of the city, and it is deemed as the best location for producing water hardness test meter as raw materials and other spare parts can be quickly and accurately transported to the factory site. We know that it is crucial to have our factory situated in the appropriate place to reduce transportation expenses and turnover costs. So we spend a lot of efforts to find the best location. The factory address information is provided on the website and social media for customers to access. They can check out our factory on Google Maps and there may be some photos of the factory displayed.

Boqu Instrument is committed to this pressure controller industry and has extensive manufacturing expertise. Boqu Instrument has created a number of successful series, and industrial pressure instrument is one of them. dissolved oxygen meter is made by unique treatment process for the great performance of online dissolved oxygen meter for users. Its accuracy and high precision contribute to its low detection limit. Boqu Instrument is deeply trusted by customers from all over the world for its high quality portable ph/orp meter. It can easily connect to the computer for monitoring.

We insist on sustainable development. We are using our expertise to provide customers with sustainable solutions that are designed to improve the world in which we live and work. Welcome to visit our factory!
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