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Where is Boqu Instrument located?
Shanghai Boqu Instrument Co., Ltd. is located in the place close to the transportation networks, which facilitate the daily transport of the raw materials and products. Having a factory qualified for export business, it is necessary for us to select the best location as the products can be quickly delivered through the traffic network, further improving customer experience. In this location, there are also some logistic companies gathered to facilitate the goods turnover. Customers are also welcome to visit our factory as it is highly accessible.

Boqu Instrument is one of the best manufacturers for producing residual chlorine meter. Boqu Instrument has created a number of successful series, and laboratory bod meter is one of them. BOQU ultrasonic level meter is designed to be flexible. It is created by our product designers who are proficient in design concepts and use them in different ways to create different forms of art/objects and visual effects. It promotes a high chemical reaction speed. Boqu Instrument has established professional R&D Center of water quality meter production. It is widely accepted for its high measurement accuracy.

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