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Where to get help if Water Online Quality Meter gets problem during the use?
We are confident about Water Online Quality Meter, yet we welcome reports from consumers or the third parties alerting the problems with the product, which helps us to be better in product development and business running. Contact our after-sales service, and we will solve the problem for you specifically with the help of our experienced technicians. Compliance is important to us. We endeavour to provide satisfying solutions for our customers. Your satisfaction is our success.
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Powered by years of manufacturing expertise, Shanghai Boqu Instrument Co., Ltd. has been a reliable manufacturer of multi parameter water quality analyzer. We are engaged in design and production. dissolved oxygen sensor produced by Boqu Instrument is very popular in the market. We have expanded the quality inspection system from products to include product parts. It has been exported to the markets of Thailand, India, Malaysia, etc. There are no unsafe materials contained in it, and people do not worry that it will cause allergic or sensitive skin due to inferior quality. The product enjoys high resistance to vibration.

We have made philanthropy part of our company' growth plan. We encourage employees to take part in local volunteer grant programs, and regularly donating capitals for the non-profit organization.

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