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Which brand of sewage online monitoring equipment is good

by:BOQU     2023-03-12
Sewage online monitoring equipment is very important for us to analyze the quality of sewage water. At present, there are many equipment brands of such products on the market, which leads to some differences in the functions and advantages of different brands of equipment. In order to ensure real-time To accurately and stably analyze the sewage situation, you should choose some better brands of sewage online monitoring equipment, and I will introduce it to you today. Which brand of sewage online monitoring equipment is good? As we pay more and more attention to the ecological environment, it is generally necessary to analyze the discharged sewage to determine whether it meets the discharge standards. At this time, sewage online monitoring is required in most places. monitoring equipment. Shenzhen KNF is currently one of the better brands in the domestic market. It has independently developed a variety of water quality monitoring equipment. The KNF-400C sewage online monitoring equipment is based on the city; garbage treatment stations, sewage discharge, enterprise discharge and other sewage monitoring requirements Research and development, in order to provide support for strengthening the management of urban sewage discharge, it has the ability to control water quality COD, ammonia nitrogen. PH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature and other parameters implement online monitoring and early warning. The modular design it adopts is more conducive to installation and maintenance, and it is very suitable for single-point and large-area distribution monitoring. KNF-400C sewage online monitoring equipment is composed of sensor unit, data acquisition and transmission unit, seven-inch touch screen display function, Internet of Things cloud platform and other important devices. Compared with traditional water quality monitoring equipment, it has better sewage monitoring and analysis capabilities. In addition to the online sewage monitoring system of Shenzhen Kainafu, there are also tap water quality monitoring systems, water supply pipe network monitoring systems, etc., which can basically cover the water quality monitoring needs of any field, and each device can show more advantages when used Features, meet one of the requirements of one of the good brand manufacturers.
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