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Which environments require water quality monitoring

by:BOQU     2023-03-08
The importance of real-time monitoring of water quality anomalies is well known, as water chemistry is affected by relevant factors. Whether monitoring domestic or commercial water, etc., it must be tested regularly. However, many people may not know which environments need online monitoring of water quality. In this chapter, manufacturers of online water quality monitors will come to understand the introduction of several environments that require water quality monitoring. 1. Commercial and household online water quality monitoring Water quality affects the environment on which aquatic animals live. Water quality elements such as oxygen levels, photosynthesis are affected. Aquatic organisms use water quality as an indicator of seasonal variation and therefore migration and reproduction. For example, if the temperature of the water body is very different from that of some parts, it will seriously affect the aquatic ecosystem. Warm water holds less oxygen, which prevents the uptake of oxygen by aquatic organisms. Therefore, everyone must be able to grasp various parameters of water quality in real time to meet the needs of businesses and households, or to ensure the maintenance of water quality conditions. 2. Online water quality monitoring in the public environment It is suggested that public buildings such as schools must be monitored regularly in accordance with the prescribed water quality testing standards. For example, the boiler water in the school is stored in the cold water storage tank, and the temperature must not exceed 20°C. It is recommended to only store water for one day at a time. The hot water storage temperature must reach 60°C. Moreover, the changes of calcium ions and magnesium ions in the water quality of the school should be regularly detected, and the hardness data of the water quality should be recorded. We must keep complete records of all water quality testing. This makes it easier for us to track changes in water quality at any time. When the temperature deviates from the standard, it can lead to an environment that is more prone to the reproduction and growth of Legionella. Not only does the public sector need to be aware of this risk, but we recommend online water quality monitoring in any setting. 3. Water quality testing in risky environments If some surface water flows through chemical plants or cities, it is strongly recommended to regularly test the water quality of groundwater or any surface water, so as to prevent any pollution from flowing into the corresponding water supply. Although we have attached great importance to environmental protection now, some formal enterprises have taken very high preventive measures against pollution. For possible water pollution accidents, corresponding measures should be taken to reduce risks, especially if a large amount of industrial waste or garbage is dumped in After entering the river, it will cause very serious pollution to surface water and groundwater. Therefore, relevant departments should use online monitoring to grasp the water quality in real time. 4. Water quality monitoring in large environments Climate change is affecting our water supply. Unfortunately, water can absorb a lot of substances in the air, so the impact of climate change on water quality is complicated. In fact water quality monitoring is useful to identify any changes occurring in our water supply environment. It was also mentioned earlier that temperature changes can have potentially damaging effects on aquatic life. Water is a precious resource and we should protect it. Water quality testing is critical! Water quality online monitoring related products BOQU is a comprehensive technology-based company specializing in the research, development, production and sales of various water quality analysis instruments. At present, various water quality analyzers developed and produced by ourselves are widely used in water source monitoring, environmental pollution source monitoring, and water treatment. Process monitoring, municipal pipe network water quality monitoring, water quality monitoring, rural drinking water monitoring, circulating cooling water monitoring, industrial circulating water reuse monitoring, pure water process monitoring, industrial aquaculture monitoring, swimming pool water operation management monitoring and on-site emergency water quality monitoring And all the above fields that require water quality analysis. The main products are: total residual chlorine online analyzer, heavy metal online analyzer in water, water quality E. coli online analyzer, water quality biological toxicity online analyzer, total phosphorus online analyzer, ammonia nitrogen online monitor, COD online analyzer, etc.
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