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Which indicators are monitored online in sewage treatment plants

by:BOQU     2023-03-12
Sewage treatment plants have important water quality treatment functions in our country. There are usually a large number of polluting impurities in the water discharged from industrial production. If they are not treated and discharged, they will cause ecological environmental pollution. Therefore, sewage treatment plants and other industries need to use sewage The online monitoring system plays a role in real-time monitoring of sewage. It can monitor multiple water quality indicators at the same time. It is an equipment that meets the monitoring needs of sewage treatment plants. What indicators are monitored online by the sewage treatment plant 1. Treatment effect item indicators: including COD, BOD5, SS and other items in the influent and effluent water. For example, the monitoring frequency of a sewage treatment plant operating in three shifts is once in each shift, that is, it needs to be monitored three times a day. 2. Sludge situation project indicators: mainly include various indicators SV, SVI, MLSS, MLVSS and biophase observation of the mixed liquid in the aeration tank, and various indicators RSSS, RSVSS, RSSV and biophase observation of the return sludge, etc., monitoring The frequency is once a day. 3. Sludge environmental conditions and nutritional item indicators: including water temperature, PH value, dissolved oxygen, nitrogen and other indicators, phosphorus, water temperature, PH value, dissolved oxygen and other items are usually monitored at any time by using the sewage online monitoring system. The monitoring frequency of nitrogen and phosphorus items is once a day. Since there are many items to be monitored in the sewage treatment plant, the higher the monitoring frequency, the more it can reflect the actual water quality. The sewage treatment plant mainly monitors the above three indicators, but the items in the water quality are not fixed, so in the actual monitoring process, it may be necessary to install some devices for the monitoring of other indicators, such as COD, BOD, ammonia nitrogen, PH, chroma, suspended solids and other items. Because these usually exist in sewage, in order to avoid the impact on the ecological environment, their concentration should be monitored in real time and some effective treatment measures should be taken.
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