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Which is more accurate, multi-parameter water quality online monitor or manual experiment?

by:BOQU     2022-02-02

Multi-parameter water quality online monitor can monitor different parameters, PH, residual chlorine, turbidity, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature, etc. Water quality monitoring is the process of monitoring and measuring the types of pollutants in the water body, the concentrations and changing trends of various pollutants, and evaluating the water quality. The monitoring range is very wide, including unpolluted and polluted natural water, rivers, rivers, lakes, seas and groundwater, and various industrial drainage.

Some users asked me which data is more accurate between multi-parameter water quality online monitor and manual experiments. If we want to compare, there must be some prerequisites. The first is whether the used solvents and reagents that directly affect the data are of the same purity. For example, whether the purity of distilled water is the same, or whether it meets the basic requirements, if the conditions are not the same, the measurement error of different testing units of manual data may be relatively large, the second is the analysis method, the third is the quality of the equipment, and the quality accuracy of some equipment is very poor, then, Of course, it is incomparable with manual work. Some reagent formulations are good enough to measure the data. It is almost impossible, sir. The fourth is the environment in which the equipment is used, whether it is a laboratory or an online monitoring station, environmental sanitation or It is very important, after all, the online monitoring equipment is also optical equipment, which is greatly affected by the environment, not to mention the laboratory. Personal experience: In the absence of large interference, the instrument is more accurate within a certain concentration range.

For example, in the multi-parameter water quality online monitor, the chloride ion of the water sample is less than 2000mg/L, the concentration is within 30-700mg/L, and the manual data is even worse. Whether it is stability, accuracy, system error, online monitoring equipment is much better. I have operated and maintained many online monitoring equipments. Some online monitoring equipment is still very accurate without calibration for a long time. Two kinds of standard solutions are generally tested with different concentrations because the reagents and solvents are configured by the same person in the same way, but the laboratory environment may not be able to do it, and the verification is relatively more troublesome.

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