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Which one is better, multi-parameter or single-parameter water quality analyzer?

by:BOQU     2021-11-27

When buying a water quality analyzer, many people have to choose between multi-parameter and single-parameter. For this problem, we can determine according to the actual testing requirements. If there are many water quality analysis items, a multi-parameter hydraulic analyzer can be used for testing. But if it is only a parameter of water quality or solution, we recommend that you use a single parameter or a dedicated analytical instrument; this does not mean that multi-parameter equipment cannot perform a single parameter analysis of water quality. Why do we recommend this?

First of all, from a cost perspective, multi-parameter analysis equipment can analyze multiple data at a time, while single-parameter equipment can only analyze one water quality parameter at a time. If you need to analyze multiple parameters, you need to change the equipment back and forth and add the corresponding analysis reagents to the sample each time. Therefore, the experimental cost is often much higher than that of multi-parameter instruments.

Secondly, in terms of the accuracy of the analysis data, the multi-parameter water quality analyzer detects multiple data of the solution at the same time. Therefore, some errors may occur in the analysis, especially when the analysis frequency is high. The single parameter analyzer detects the single data of the solution, and the factor that interferes with the analysis result is very small, so the data is basically not wrong. However, most of the multi-parameter water quality analyzers are measured in batches, and the interference between the parameters is small. While it is convenient to operate, it greatly reduces the data error of the analysis results.

Therefore, these two water quality analyzers have their own characteristics. If you want to save costs or just preliminarily test multiple water quality data, you can choose multi-parameter testing equipment. If the requirements for water quality analysis results are relatively high, you can consider using a single analytical instrument!

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