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Which water quality is not conducive to the normal treatment of sewage treatment plants?

by:BOQU     2023-03-08
In today's highly developed industry, although people enjoy all kinds of happiness brought by industrial development, they also suffer all kinds of misfortunes brought about by environmental damage. In order to increase people's happiness index, and for the long-term healthy development of the country , various countries have introduced corresponding sewage treatment policies. In the process of industrial sewage treatment, it is necessary to fully understand and classify the types of sewage. In the process of sewage treatment, various sewage problems will be encountered. Such as: COD, ammonia nitrogen, SS and other indicators are not up to standard, sludge bulking, floating mud and active microbial death, etc. However, many sewage treatment plants in my country's cities have been built for many years and still cannot operate at full capacity, which makes the control of sewage treatment process more difficult, and also increases the cost of project investment, resulting in idle and waste of assets. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably determine the type and classification of sewage. Efficient use of pollution control funds and maximizing the collection rate of sewage are prerequisites for reducing sewage discharge. Which water quality is not conducive to the normal operation of sewage treatment plants? 1. The content of BOD and COD in the influent water is lower than the design value, while the nitrogen, phosphorus and other indicators are equal to or higher than the design value, thus increasing the difficulty of sewage denitrification and phosphorus removal treatment to meet the discharge standards; 2. Entrained oil pollution in industrial wastewater or Toxic substances have a huge impact on the biological system of urban sewage treatment plants. In extreme cases, these oily or toxic substances will paralyze the entire biological system, microorganisms will die, and the entire sewage treatment plant has to re-cultivate activated sludge; 3. The water quality is high, and the oxygen supply and sludge dehydration equipment specifications cannot meet the sewage and sludge treatment requirements. Among them, the impact of the introduction of landfill leachate on the operation of urban sewage treatment plants needs to be given sufficient attention.
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