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Why are loggers essential for online monitoring systems?

by:BOQU     2023-03-25
What is a data acquisition instrument? A data acquisition and transmission instrument refers to a data processing unit that can collect and store data from various types of monitoring instruments, and has the function of transmitting data to the host computer. It is the connection link between the on-site analysis instrument and the host computer system, and is mainly used in the on-site end of the environmental online monitoring system. The working principle of the data acquisition instrument The data acquisition instrument collects the monitoring data, status and other information of the online monitoring instrument through digital channels, analog channels, and switch channels, and then transmits the data and status to the host computer with the help of the transmission network; the host computer sends it through the transmission network. Control command, the data acquisition instrument controls the work of the online monitoring instrument according to the command. In the entire environmental online monitoring system, the upper computer is the general name of the online monitoring system software platform, and the lower computer is the general name of the field instruments. Why do you need a data acquisition instrument Necessity: To create a unified information platform with consistent functions and top-to-bottom connections in the whole province, so as to realize the information synchronization of enterprises, operation and maintenance units, counties, cities, and provincial-level monitoring platforms, is the original intention of establishing an online monitoring system. The data generated by the system is used as the reference standard for the supervision and law enforcement of the environmental protection department, which puts forward clear requirements on the data source, collection frequency, format and accuracy. The online monitoring instruments of different brands have their own data transmission methods. If the online monitoring instruments directly transmit data, the inconsistency of the data interface will lead to confusion in the management of the environmental protection department. The role of the data logger can solve this chaotic situation very well, realize the centralized upload management of data, and ensure that the data is not tampered with. After the front-end instrument and the upper computer are connected by a data acquisition and transmission instrument, the mode of 'field instrument + data acquisition instrument' conforming to the national standard has well realized the normalization of management. Therefore, the data acquisition instrument is one of the necessary components of the pollution source online monitoring system. Urgency: The 'Technical Specifications for the Installation of Water Pollution Source Online Monitoring System (CODCr, NH3-N, etc.)' (HJ 353-2019), which began to be implemented in March 2020, puts forward new requirements for the data control unit-disablement of the data acquisition instrument Realize the control of the internal equipment linkage of the entire online monitoring system of water pollution sources, automatically complete the data collection, sorting, output and uploading of the online monitoring instruments of water pollution sources to the monitoring center platform, and also be able to accept the commands of the monitoring center platform to control the operation of the online monitoring instruments of water pollution sources function.
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