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Why is the phosphorus in domestic sewage always exceeding the standard, and how to solve it?

by:BOQU     2023-03-25
In sewage treatment, total phosphorus often exceeds the standard in domestic sewage, so why does total phosphorus in domestic sewage often exceed the standard? 1. The reason why the total phosphorus in domestic sewage exceeds the standard First, the phosphorus content in domestic sewage is too high, which is caused by phosphorus-containing detergent, washing powder, laundry detergent, soap, etc. Second, the phosphorus accumulating bacteria in the aerobic section cannot absorb a large amount of soluble phosphorus, and the sludge discharge is not smooth, and the sedimentation effect is not good. Increasing the reduction potential of the secondary sedimentation tank increases, resulting in the release of phosphorus, and the effect of phosphorus removal is not obvious, and the total phosphorus will exceed the standard. 2. The solution to the excess of total phosphorus in domestic sewage 1. Add phosphorus removal agent at the back end to solve the problem. After the domestic sewage is biochemical, phosphorus generally exists in the form of orthophosphate. At this time, iron salts, aluminum salts, etc. have no effect on phosphorus. Has a good removal effect. 2. Adjust the effect of biochemical treatment and improve the biochemical removal rate by adjusting a series of factors such as microbial nutrient ratio, DO value, and sludge concentration. 3. Increase sewage treatment process equipment to further treat total phosphorus. Generally speaking, the total phosphorus of general domestic sewage exceeds the standard. There are three solutions, which need to be selected according to the actual situation. The latter two methods are complicated to operate and cost high. They are suitable for high-concentration total phosphorus treatment, and dosing for phosphorus removal The agent is cost-saving, easy to operate, and is suitable for removing medium and low concentrations of total phosphorus. Generally, the previous two methods cannot completely reduce phosphorus to the standard, and they must be used together with phosphorus removal agents. BOQU is a company specializing in intelligent instruments, water quality analysis instruments, cod detectors, ammonia nitrogen detectors, online suspended solids monitors, total phosphorus detectors, online water hardness monitors, online dissolution monitors, online residual chlorine monitors, Total nitrogen detector, multi-parameter water quality monitor, online turbidity monitor, online monitoring equipment research and development, production and sales of a modern production-oriented company, which has a complete and scientific quality management system. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business. We always provide customers with good products and technical support, and sound after-sales service. Our company is mainly engaged in technology development, technical consultation, technical services, technology transfer, optical equipment in the fields of intelligent technology, automation technology, optical technology, and detection technology. , Water quality testing equipment, production and sales. Engaged in the import of goods and technology import business. We have good products and a professional sales and technical team. At present, the team has more than 40 people. Our business has covered many countries, and we have built a global operation and service network.
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