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Why is turbidity meter also called turbidity meter?

by:BOQU     2021-06-11

A turbidity meter is also called a turbidity meter. It can test the turbidity of water samples in water supply plants, power plants, industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, and the field.

The operating principle of the turbidity meter: when a certain incident light intensity is used to pass through a water sample of the same thickness and different turbidity, different transmitted light intensities will be obtained, and the extinction value is proportional to the turbidity. The turbidity meter measures the transmission Light intensity, and after circuit processing, the turbidity value of the water sample is obtained. This instrument is often used in the necessary inspection equipment for the treatment of qs certification in drinking water plants.

Turbidity, the turbidity degree of water, is caused by the water containing a small amount of insoluble suspended substances and colloidal substances. The measurement unit used in the ISO standard is FTU (turbidity unit), and FTU is the same as NTU (turbidity measurement unit). The turbidity meter is based on this principle to measure the turbidity of water.

The turbidity meter monitors the turbidity of the water quality. The water containing mud, silt, fine organic matter, inorganic matter, plankton, and other suspended solids and colloids can make the water become turbid and present certain turbidity. The rules in water quality analysis :The turbidity composed of 1mg SiO2 in 1L of water is a standard turbidity unit, referred to as 1 degree. Generally, the higher the turbidity, the more turbid the solution.

Turbidity is the degree of the hindrance of suspended solids in water to light transmission. Suspended and colloidal substances such as mud, dust, fine organic matter, zooplankton, and other microorganisms in water can make the water appear turbid.

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