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Why use a BOD detector

by:BOQU     2023-03-25
Why use a bod detector: 1. In order to protect the health of the service, the BOD detector uses a water quality detector to measure water quality. The physical condition of the elderly begins to decline, and the resistance to bacteria and viruses and pollutants that invade the body begin to weaken. Let us test the quality of the house for your parents, give it pure water, good water, make it healthier, the portable water quality detector produced is very convenient for the family! 2. BOD detector should protect the health of pregnant women. Operate the water quality tester to measure water, pregnant women give birth, and the physical condition of pregnant women during pregnancy directly affects the health of the next generation. For pregnant women to test the water quality of the family, healthy and good water will give birth to life! Take care of the health of the baby, measure the water quality with a water quality tester. 3. If you have a child in your family, you should pay more attention to the health of household water. It is always good for the baby to check the water quality of the family. It is always good for the baby, let the baby grow up healthily at home, and give us a 'little future' health guarantee! 4. The BOD detector takes care of your own health, measures the water with the water quality detector, and drinks it for a long time Polluted water will damage your body's various skills to varying degrees, greatly increasing the chances of getting sick. Test the water quality in your home, and good water will make you healthier. 5. You can operate the water quality detector to grasp the water quality in your home. The water quality tester can detect the TDS value of water, and can detect the water quality before and after filtration, reflecting the filtration capacity of the pure water machine. What is the water quality at home? The lower the TDS value measured by the BOD detector before drinking, the lower the solubility of heavy metal ions in the water and the purer the water quality.
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