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Wide application of cod water quality monitor in wastewater analysis

by:BOQU     2023-03-11
The cod water quality monitor is widely used in wastewater analysis. There are many organic substances in wastewater, and wastewater containing more than a dozen, dozens, or even hundreds of organic substances can often be encountered. If the organic substances in wastewater Qualitative and quantitative analysis one by one is time-consuming and expensive. So can only one pollution index be used to represent all the organic substances and their quantity in the wastewater? The editor of BOQU Instruments will tell you. Environmental scientists have found through research that all organic substances have two things in common: one is that they are at least composed of hydrocarbons; the other is that most organic substances can be chemically oxidized or oxidized by microorganisms, and their carbon and hydrogen are respectively Form non-toxic and harmless carbon dioxide and water with oxygen. The organic substances in wastewater consume oxygen no matter in the process of chemical oxidation or biological oxidation. The more organic substances in wastewater, the more oxygen will be consumed, and there is a direct proportional relationship between the two. Therefore, environmental scientists refer to the amount of oxygen consumed when wastewater is oxidized by chemicals as chemical oxygen demand, or COD; and the amount of oxygen consumed by wastewater oxidized by microorganisms is called biological oxygen demand, or BOD. Because COD and BOD can comprehensively reflect the quantity of all organic substances in wastewater, and the analysis is relatively simple, they are widely used in wastewater analysis and environmental engineering. In fact, COD does not only represent organic substances in water, it can also represent inorganic substances with reducing properties in water, such as: sulfide, ferrous ion, sodium sulfite, and even chloride ion. For example, if the ferrous ions in the effluent of the iron-carbon pool are not completely removed in the neutralization tank, the effluent COD may exceed the standard due to the presence of ferrous ions in the biochemical treatment effluent. Shanghai BOQU Instrument Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise focusing on the development, design, manufacture, sales and service of water analysis sensors and water analysis instruments. In 2015, it was awarded as a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai. BOQU Instruments has been engaged in the water quality monitoring instrument industry for many years, and always adheres to the 'customer-centered' approach. Every BOQU person keeps in mind the corporate mission of 'being the bright eyes of the earth's water quality monitoring', continuously optimizes products and services, and takes water quality monitoring as a lifelong career. , Serve every customer with heart!
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