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BOQU Instrument in IE EXPO 2020

BOQU Instrument in IE EXPO 2020


China is focusing more than ever on environmental and climate protection. IE expo China 2020, which took place from August 13 to 15 at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC), showed this all too clearly. During the three days of the event, 73,176 trade visitors from 24 countries and regions caught up on the trends and technological innovations in the Asian environmental technology sector. IE expo China also saw an increase in exhibitors and floor space: 1,851 exhibitors represent on show space of 150,000 square meters (total 14 exhibition halls).

BOQU Instrument took part in this exhibition as the leader manufacturer for water quality analyzer and water quality sensor in Shanghai, our factory is only thirty minutes away from SNIEC by car.so customers is very to have a visit to our production line of water quality sensor and water quality instruments after exhibition . BOQU is as international brand ,we launched many new water quality monitoring instrument at exhibition,below is details shows for you.

BOQU Instrument!

Your Trusted Supplier of Water Quality Monitoring Instrument and Sensor.

BOQU Instrument
BOQU Instrument focuses on technological innovation in water quality analyzers and sensors since founded at 2007. now staff is over 100 people and with an annual growth rate of 35%. we have  own R & D center,many senior engineers has over 10 years R&D experience in water quality analyzers and water quality sensors.Now our company has got more than 50 technical certificates for controller software and over 20 technical patents,therefore we won the National High-tech Enterprise Certificate in 2010. At present, the annual quantity of water quality sensors and meters is over 100,000pcs, it’s the biggest factory in Shanghai.
BOQU Instrument
BOQU water quality analyzers and sensors meet or exceed world-class quality level. They have received good praise from customers over more than 80 countries. In today's world, our earth faces many environmental problems, especially in water quality. As a leading manufacturer in water quality analyzers, BOQU Instrument will use all technologies to solve problems related to human and earth survival and always to be the guardians of the earth's water qualit
New Water Quality Instrument
new water measurement solutions for  COD,BOD,Ammonia nitrogen ,total nitrogen,total phosphorus,nitrate,nitrate nitrogen,chlorophyll,blue-green algae,chloride,fluoride,oil-in-water,Total Nickel,Total Zinc,Total Copper,Total Lead,Total Iron and other heavy metals etc
Water Application
Our customers come from various industries, such as chemical, food & beverage, life sciences, power & energy, primaries & metal, oil & gas and water & wastewater and so on.
New smart digital water quality instrument with digital water quality sensor, the sensor is directly with RS485 Modbus.It’s precision and online measurement and can be long distance installation.Reliable and quality designed for harsh application.Calibtation data can be save in sensor and reduce the time and costs.With data recording function,user easy to check history data and history curve.
Multi-parameters Water Quality Solution
MPG-6099 Multi-parameter water quality meter:it can directly integrate a variety of water quality online analysis parameters in a whole machine, in the touch screen panel display focused on and management; the system set on-line water quality analysis, remote data transmission, database and analysis Software, system calibration functions in one, the modernization of water quality data collection and analysis provides a great convenience.
Water Multi-parameter Monitoring
Online Multi-parameters water quality Analyzer integration platform for pH ,Conductivity,Dissolved oxygen,Turbidity,Residual chlorine and temperature and also can be extended with other water quality parameters.customers also can user local SIM card and monitor data by mobile or website.
Steam and Water Analysis System

The economics of power generation rely to a great extent on the efficiency of the fuel to heat conversion process and therefore the power generation industry are amongst the most advanced users of efficiency techniques based on on-line process analysis.

GSGG-5809 Online Silicate Analyzer;LSGG-8090 Industrial Phosphate Analyzer;Sodium DWG-5088 Online Sodium Meter

Portable Water Quality Analyzer
BOQU mainly portable water quality meters includes: portable pH meter, portable conductivity meter, portable tds meter, portable dissolved oxygen meter, portable residual chlorine meter, portable ammonia meter, portable turbidity meter, portable suspended solid meter, portable COD analyzer etc.
Laboratory Water Quality Instrument
In the past 10 years, BOQU Instrument does much work to build “BOQU” brand, now BOQU laboratory water quality meter is not only well-known in the domestic market, also been exported to over 80 countries all over the world , and its brand penetration is rising rapidly with the expansion of the global market. BOQU Instrument has very strict quality management system and has passed ISO9001:2000 certification.
Online Water Quality Sensor
BOQU Instruments is leader in water quality sensors and have two factory in Shanghai, production is over 100 000pcs last year, mainly water quality sensors for ph sensors, dissolved oxygen sensor, turbidity sensor, tds sensor, salinity sensor,conductivity sensor,residual chlorine sensor, suspended solid sensor, UV COD sensor, Ion sensor(F-, CL-, Mg2+, Ca2+, NH4+). All water quality sensors is production according to ISO9001, and has CE, SGS, FDA certificates
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