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Can online bod analyser be installed easily?
Yes, online bod analyser is easy to operate and install. There is a video provided by Shanghai Boqu Instrument Co., Ltd. for customers to learn the installation process. The installation video will come with English subtitles below, and the video quality is quite good. Before the installation, customers should notice the caution information so as to avoid the misoperation. If the product is not equipped with suitable tools for installation, you can contact our after-markets sales or purchase tools by yourself.

Being excellent in improving the quality of online conductivity meter, Boqu Instrument has won customer's trust. Boqu Instrument has created a number of successful series, and dissolved ozone analyzer is one of them. The design of BOQU multi parameter water quality analyzer reflects professionalism. It is designed takes into consideration that mechanical function, energy efficiency, and material efficiency. According to the usage environment, it can be designed with a self-cleaning function. Boqu Instrument will provide a broad range of solutions for our electromagnetic flow meter. It is highly praised for its automatic temperature and pressure compensation function.

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