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Cod Ammonia Nitrogen Flow Measurement In Waste Water

Cod Ammonia Nitrogen Flow Measurement In Waste Water

Application: Waste Water Plant in Hunan Province

Requirement: Customers need to measure COD(Chemical Oxygen Demand), Ammonia Nitrogen, Total Nitrogen, Total phosphorus, Total cadmium, and Flow.

Below are photos at the installation site:

online cod analyzer  phosphorus analyzer

Online COD,Ammonia Nitrogen,Total phosphorus, Total Nitrogen, Total cadmium Analyzer

water quality analyzers  ultrasonic open channel flow meter

Pipe connection to Water Quality Analyzers   ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Meter

Water Quality Analyzer for this application:

CODG-3000Online COD analyzer
NHNG-3010Online Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer
TPG-3030Online Total Phosphorus Analyzer
TNG-3020Online Total Nitrogen Analyzer
TCdG-3059Online Total Cadmium Analyzer
BQ-OCFMOpen Channel Flow Meter

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