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Do you know these sewage water quality indicators?

by:BOQU     2023-03-12
No matter which industry discharges sewage, the pollutants contained in it are not single. Do you know the following sewage water quality indicators? If you want to know, please continue to look down! It can be divided into the following three types: 1. Physical indicators Temperature, chromaticity, smell and taste, solid matter There are three forms of existence of solid matter: suspended, colloidal, and dissolved. For solid substances. Total solids (TS) is used as an indicator, and suspended solids (SS) are commonly used in sewage treatment to represent the content of solid matter. 2. Chemical indicators 1) Chemical oxygen demand (CODcr): Refers to the amount of oxygen consumed by the oxidation of organic matter into CO2 and H2O by using a strong chemical oxidant (potassium dichromate legally used in my country) under acidic conditions (mg/L ), represented by CODcr. The higher the chemical oxygen demand, the more organic pollutants in the water and the more serious the pollution. 2) Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD5): The amount of oxygen required for organic pollutants in water to be decomposed by aerobic microorganisms is called biochemical oxygen demand (mg/L). If the sewage composition is relatively stable, generally speaking, CODcr> BOD5. Generally, BOD5/CODcr is greater than 0.3, which is considered suitable for biochemical treatment. 3) Total Oxygen Demand (TOD): The main elements of organic matter are C, H, O, N, S, etc. When the organic matter is completely oxidized, it will produce CO2, H2O, NO, SO2, etc. at this time, the oxygen demand is called is the total oxygen demand (TOD). 4) Total organic carbon (TOC): It includes the carbon content of all organic pollutants in the water sample, and is also a comprehensive parameter for evaluating the quality of organic substances in the water sample. 5) Total nitrogen (TN): Nitrogenous compounds in sewage are divided into organic nitrogen, ammonia nitrogen, nitrite nitrogen, and nitrate nitrogen. The total of the four nitrogenous compounds is called total nitrogen (TN). Kjeldahl nitrogen (TKN) is the sum of organic nitrogen and ammonia nitrogen. 6) Total phosphorus (TP): includes organic phosphorus and inorganic phosphorus. 7) pH value 8) Heavy metals 3. Biological indicators 1) Coliform bacteria count: the number of coliform bacteria contained in each liter of water sample, in units/L. 2) Total number: It is the sum of the number of coliform bacteria, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and other numbers, expressed as the total number of colonies per milliliter of water sample. If the above sewage water quality indicators exceed the standard, it will have an impact on the ecological cycle and human health, so these indicators are monitored online in real time to ensure the safety of the water quality! Of course, different indicators use different water quality monitors. Hangzhou is a professional manufacturer of water quality monitoring equipment. The main products are: COD online analyzer, total nitrogen online analyzer, total phosphorus online analyzer, heavy metal online analyzer in water, E. coli online analyzer, biological toxicity online analyzer , Total residual chlorine online analyzer, etc.
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