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Features of COD detector

by:BOQU     2022-01-02

Scope of application of COD detector: suitable for detection of chemical oxygen demand and ammonia nitrogen in surface water, groundwater, domestic sewage, and industrial wastewater.

COD detector is a new water quality monitoring instrument with miniaturization and energy saving. The instrument has a miniaturized design and is easy to carry. The technical heating device realizes low-power heating, and the heater's power consumption does not exceed 90W. The instrument uses digital processing technology to directly display the measurement results, easy to use and intuitive. It is suitable for on-site monitoring and emergency monitoring in the field. The instrument can be powered by a car cigarette lighter (~12V) plug or a portable battery produced by our company. The instrument can also be powered by a dedicated power converter in a laboratory with ~220V, achieving both AC and DC.

The COD detector adopts the rapid airtight catalytic digestion method (including photometric method), uses potassium dichromate as the oxidant, and uses a 610-nanometer monochromatic light source to measure the concentration of hexavalent chromium reduced to trivalent chromium to complete the COD measurement. Use imported special quartz colorimetric tube instead of the cuvette or colorimetric cell, heat the reaction in the same container and then perform the colorimetric operation. Reduce the number of reagents and reduce the failure rate of the instrument.

The COD detector is powered by ~220V power supply, which is suitable for the determination of large batches of water samples in the laboratory. Reliable work. Fast calculation speed. With temperature compensation function; high precision and good repeatability. The panel printer can automatically print out the measurement results. The standard communication interface can transmit all the data of the measurement process to an ordinary computer through a dedicated serial cable to realize the computerized management of the measurement results.

COD detector adopts an embedded microprocessor as the control unit, with high temperature control accuracy. Convenient reading. Intuitively, four buttons are used to control the outside of the instrument, and the operation is simple. The instrument can store 10 heating programs, of which two commonly used heating programs are cured, and other programs can be adjusted by users according to their needs. It can heat up to 25 digestion tubes at a time. It can not only be used with the CM-02 desktop COD analyzer but also can be used alone for other chemical analyses that require a heating process. Such as decomposition of sludge, total nitrogen, total phosphorus, total chromium, and other analytical substances.

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