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Online pH meter application

by:BOQU     2023-04-10
The online pH meter adopts a modular design and is widely used. The basic transmitter of the online pH meter provides simple measurement and alarm functions, and the extended function software and hardware can be applied to special occasions after modularization. 1. (Electroplating) PH detection in electroplating plants, because there will be heavy metals in the electroplating solution, so heavy metal-resistant PH electrodes (OPF19 online PH electrodes) can be selected. 2. PH detection of water treatment, when there are no special components in the environment , you can choose economical PH electricity (M-10 online PH electricity) 3. Hydrological monitoring Hydrological monitoring is mainly to detect whether the PH value in the water is within the qualified range, otherwise it will affect the quality of the water and affect the growth of aquatic organisms General PH electricity (M-10) can be used. 4. Sewage treatment The environment of sewage treatment is more complicated. Different PH electricity is used for different sewage. Commonly used are oil-resistant PH electricity (M-12) and economical PH electricity ( M-10) 5. Neutralization reaction The neutralization reaction is mainly a combination of acid and alkali. This accuracy requirement is relatively high to ensure that the dosage of various components can be well controlled in the neutralization reaction. The online PH electrode can be selected from the chemical industry. Dedicated OPS71 or OPS91 online PH meter General parameters Measuring range of pH meter: 0-14pH meter Accuracy: 0.01pH, 0.1°C Isolated output: 0-20mA or 4-20mA, 500ohm load (large) Alarm: up to 4 groups Alarm, SPDT, NO or NC Control output: P, PI, PD, PID Solenoid valve or pulse pump Electrical compatibility: pH glass or antimony, pH platinum or gold Power supply for pH meter: 115/230VAC, 50/60Hz or 24VAC/ DC temperature compensation: automatic or manual Pt 100 degree of protection: IP54 (panel), IP30 (body) Size and installation method: 96X96X145mm panel installation (also can be used for wall installation) Features and advantages of online PH meter On-site installation or panel installation Transmitter Universal - pH value and redox measurement (mV or %) can be cut off by software switch Use overvoltage (lightning) protection, comply with EN61000-4-5 standard - Manual contact output control - Calibration rationality Detection - User-defined configuration of alarm contact and fault current Simple operation - Reasonable menu structure, six language display, making configuration more convenient - Two-line display can display measured value and temperature at the same time - Simple calibration, with the help of CAL 2-point calibration by key ◆Expandable basic unit: ◆2 or 4 contacts for: - Limit contact (also used as temperature) - P(ID) controller - Timer for flushing process - Complete Extensible software package for chemical cleaning - Arbitrary current output configuration - Automatic cleaning when alarm or over limit - Sensor monitoring system suitable for pH glass electrode and reference electrode - Probe activity detection - Special neutralization reaction controller HART Communication protocol ◆The second current output is used for temperature
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