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Phosphorus exceeded the standard in well water detection

by:BOQU     2023-03-17
What should I do if the phosphorus in the well water exceeds the standard? The best way is to drink it after treatment. Calcium and phosphorus intake by the human body must reach a certain ratio. If phosphorus is taken in too much, it will form water-insoluble calcium phosphate and excrete it from the body. This will inevitably lead to loss of calcium. Due to food and water problems, Chinese people's phosphorus intake has greatly exceeded the standard. Do not give calcium supplements containing phosphorus to babies! Therefore, we must attach great importance to the detection of excessive phosphorus in well water, and it is best to drink it after treatment. Family drinking water safety knowledge: how to remove harmful substances in well water. The harm of unqualified water to the human body is visible and invisible. Visible is usually the hazard of microbial contamination, which can lead to sudden acute illness. Fortunately, the Chinese are used to drinking boiling water, which kills microbial contaminants. This hazard is not obvious; invisible hazards are easily overlooked, but more noteworthy. The main reason is that the total amount of organic compounds in tap water exceeds the standard. Wang Zhansheng told reporters that drinking water with the total amount of organic compounds exceeding the standard is fine for a day or two, and half a year is fine, but organic compounds will accumulate in the human body and eventually cause harm to the human body. In severe cases, it can cause cancer, deformities and mutations. So, in a water polluted environment, how to achieve healthy drinking water? High-quality water is a good choice for daily water such as laundry, bathing, and mopping the floor. Drinking, cooking, soup, etc. water entering the human body can be chosen to be safer and healthier. Household water purifiers filter water.
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