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The correct detection process and functional characteristics of the total phosphorus detector

by:BOQU     2021-12-19

The total phosphorus detector is a laboratory instrument used for the detection of total phosphorus. LCD display, direct reading of concentration, integrated digestion and colorimetry, built-in curve, timing reminder, automatic correction, micro printer, RS232/USB/infrared transmission, special cooling rack, semi-automatic liquid dispenser. It has the characteristics of automatic temperature control, dual LCD display, AC and DC dual-use, automatic zero adjustments, direct reading of concentration, curve storage, and automatic printing. Sophisticated expertise can apply this product.

The total phosphorus detector has high precision, long life, and more stability. Can determine the content of total phosphorus in the water. This instrument adopts the colorimetric tube colorimetric method, the experiment process is simple and easy to operate; intelligent data analysis function, chart. List display data, analysis at a glance; high-definition color LCD screen, Chinese display interface, full Chinese keyboard, humanized operation Hint, it's easier to use. Can be widely used in various industries.

The total phosphorus detector uses sealed high-temperature digestion and then performs a color comparison, and the microcomputer automatically processes the data to directly display the total phosphorus concentration value of the water sample. It can be widely used in colleges, universities, scientific research institutes, sewage treatment plants, environmental monitoring stations, petrochemicals, papermaking, pharmaceuticals, printing and dyeing, textiles, leather, winemaking, dairy, electronics, municipal engineering, and other industries.

The detection process of total phosphorus detector:

1. Add an 8.0ml water sample into the special sealed reaction tube.

2. Add 1.0ml potassium persulfate solution and mix well.

3. Use a special digester to digest at 120℃ for 30 minutes.

4. Take out the reaction tube and place it in air to cool for 2 minutes, and water to cool for 2 minutes.

5. Add special reagents and mix well.

6. Put it in the air and let it stand for 10 minutes.

7. Tube colorimetric direct output value printing.

8. Put the blank water sample into the built-in blank of the colorimetric tank of the host.

9. Put the water in the colorimetric tank of the host for color comparison, and read the result directly.

Features of Total Phosphorus Detector:

1. Unique external printer, convenient and compact.

2. Quickly and accurately determine the total phosphorus content in the wastewater.

3. There are 99 built-in curves, one of which is a standard curve.

4. The measurement time for a single sample is 50 minutes, which is fast and accurate.

5. Supports storage of 1000 data, which is convenient for users to view historical data.

6. Chinese display interface. Full Chinese keyboard, so that the operator is convenient to operate.

7. Independent single optical path non-interference system, high precision, long life, and more stable.

8. High-definition LCD color liquid crystal display, humanized operation prompts simpler operation.

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