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The history of the development of water quality analysis instruments

by:BOQU     2021-07-18

Now, there are three forms of water quality analysis instruments, namely: laboratory water quality meter, portable water quality meter and online water quality analysis instruments;

Online water quality analysis instrument appeared the latest, but it has grown rapidly, especially in recent years. It has received much attention and its exposure rate far exceeds the other two. It has become the hottest Internet celebrity legend's latecomer advantage?

Recently, in traditional and non-traditional media such as TV, newspapers, the Internet, Weibo, WeChat, etc., terms such as active monitoring and online monitoring will almost appear in all occasions that involve environmental protection and water safety. Some time ago, the Ministry of Environmental Protection convened a meeting on national surface water environmental quality monitoring, and it also clearly proposed to accelerate the construction of active water quality stations.

Gradually establish a monitoring form that focuses on active monitoring and supplemented by manual monitoring? (It is said that one of the results of this meeting is that in 2018, the government will fund the construction of 1,200 active surface water quality monitoring facilities nationwide. station.

(1) If the taxpayer installs and uses pollutant active monitoring equipment that meets national regulations and monitoring specifications, it shall be accounted for according to the pollutant active monitoring data;

(2) If the taxpayer has not installed active pollutant monitoring equipment, it shall be accounted for in accordance with the monitoring data issued by the monitoring organization in compliance with the relevant national regulations and monitoring specifications;

Currently, my country's active monitoring equipment for water pollutants is divided into two types: flow monitoring equipment and concentration monitoring equipment (the product of concentration and flow is the total amount of pollutants). The concentration monitoring equipment is commonly referred to as online water quality analysis equipment.

More importantly, according to this decree, to obtain data on the discharge of taxable pollutants from environmental taxes, the first choice is the data of active monitoring equipment, followed by the data issued by the monitoring organization-the water quality analysis instrument currently selected by the monitoring organization Most are laboratories or a small number of portable analytical instruments (for a single indicator that must be tested on-site).

It can be said that this environmental tax law formally established the status of water quality analysis instruments in the form of legal provisions. So, what is the sacredness of such a high-end and high-end online water quality analysis instrument? Why is it so popular?

The definition of prestige is: according to the definition in the specification of the World Standardization Organization (ISO) code-named ISO15839 'Water Quality-On-line Sensor/Analyzing Equipment Specification and Functional Inspection': On-line sensor/analyzing equipment (on-line sensor/analyzing equipment) ) Is an active measuring device that can continuously (or at a given frequency) output a signal proportional to the value of one or more measured objects measured in the solution.

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