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Water Treatment Plant in Indonesia

Water Treatment Plant in Indonesia

This Water Treatment Plant is Kawasan Industri in Jawa, the capacity  is nearly 35,000 cubic meters per day and can be expandable to 42,000 cubic meters.it mainly treats the waste water in river which is drained from factory.

                 Monitoring point
   Inlet water
                 Clarification tank

Water treatment required.

Inlet waste water: Turbidity is in 1000NTU.

Treat water: turbidity is less 5 NTU.

Monitoring Water Quality Parameters

Inlet waste water: pH,turbidity.

Outlet water:pH,turbidity,residual chlorine.

Other requirements:

1)All data should display in one screen.

2)Relays to control dosing pump according to turbidity value.

                 Screen Mesh
                 Dosing Pump Control
                  Sand Filtration

BOQU Solution of Multi-parameters Water Quality Analyzer

MPG-6099 Water Quality Multi-parameters Analyzer

ZDYG-2088-01 Digital Turbidity Sensor

BH-485-FCL Digital Residual Chlorine Sensor

BH-485-pH Digital Online pH Sensor


Multi-parameters Water Analyzer


Digital Residual Chlorine Sensor


Digital Online pH Sensor


Digital Turbidity Sensor

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