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What are applications of copper analyzer produced by Boqu Instrument?
Copper analyzer produced by Shanghai Boqu Instrument Co., Ltd. has a wide application ranges which benefit customer business a lot. It is featured by long-term service life and reliability. In the application industry, it can function well in various scenarios, bringing stable performance. There is some information about the application fields of the product on our official website. Also, there will be cases recorded in which the product plays a significant role. Customers can take them as a reference to consider to maximize the use of the product.

After years of development in the production of sludge interface meter, Boqu Instrument has become a leading manufacturer in China. Boqu Instrument has created a number of successful series, and online silica analyzer is one of them. BOQU sludge blanket level detector is carefully packaged before shippment. We guarantee that this product label contains all necessary information, including the license number, country of origin and fabric composition. Adopting photoelectricity coupling and isolation technology, it holds strong resistance to interference. This electromagnetic flow meter is an outstanding example as its high performance of magnetic flowmeter. With sorted menu and operation manner similar to PC, it can be conveniently and simply operated.

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