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What is the COD (chemical oxygen demand) standard for Class I, Class II, Class III, and Class IV water?

by:BOQU     2023-04-17
Chemical Oxygen Demand) is a chemical method to measure the amount of reducing substances that need to be oxidized in water samples. The oxygen equivalent of substances (generally organic matter) that can be oxidized by strong oxidants in wastewater, wastewater treatment plant effluent and polluted water. In the study of river pollution and industrial wastewater properties and the operation and management of wastewater treatment plants, it is an important and quickly measured organic pollution parameter. The symbol COD is often used to represent Class I, Class II, Class III, and Class IV water. What is the COD (chemical oxygen demand) standard? The COD of class I water is less than 15mg/L; the COD of class II water is 15mg/L; the COD of class III water is 20mg/L; the COD of class IV water is 30mg/L; the COD of class V water is 40mg/L.
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