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What's the dissolved oxygen and why to measure dissolved oxygen ?

What's the dissolved oxygen and why to measure dissolved oxygen ?


What's the dissolved oxygen ? and why to measure dissolved oxygen ?

DOG-209FA Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
DOG-209FA Dissolved oxygen sensor is with steel mesh membrane,it can undertake the crash of particles in aeration tank.and DOG-2092 is quality dissolved oxygen controller for waste water treatment application,it's with relays and automatic to control the aire pump.

Dissolved oxygen refers to the oxygen dissolved in water, which is closely related to temperature, pressure and biochemical action of microorganisms. At a certain temperature, only a certain amount of oxygen can be dissolved in water at most. For example, at 20 ℃, the saturation value of dissolved oxygen in distilled water is 9.17 mg / L.

In wastewater treatment, the dissolved value of effluent and aeration tank is often measured. The air supply is adjusted according to dissolved oxygen value, and the oxygen consumption in the aeration tank is known to determine the oxygen consumption rate of the aeration tank under various water temperature conditions. In the operation process, the dissolved oxygen in the aeration tank is required to be more than 1 mg / L. the low value of dissolved oxygen indicates that there is lack of oxygen in the aeration tank. The high value of dissolved oxygen not only wastes energy consumption, but also may cause sludge loosening and aging.

It is beneficial for the water environment to contain dissolved oxygen in the effluent of sewage treatment plant. Under possible conditions, some dissolved oxygen should be let out of the effluent.Dissolved oxygen is an important parameter in the process of water self purification, which can reflect the balance between oxygen consumption and dissolved oxygen.p

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DOG-209FA Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

DOG-2092 Dissolved Oxygen Meter

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