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Beer & beverage application

Beer & beverage application

One of our customers said:”You can have a perfect beer recipe, with everything sterile and sanitized, and follow every step, but if your base water is off, you’re dead in the water. It’ll taste awful”,we know water quality is key important for beer,beverage and other food industrial, the water must be clear, colorless, odorless, and tasteless.any changes in water quality will create variations in the food or beverages.variation will also reduce your production overal and not good for your brand reputation.


Monitoring water quality is must to determine impurity levels that will have much effect on the  end product, and if the water is posing any risks to the operations. Depending on its use, low-quality water can potentially produce off-tastes and inconsistencies in food and beverage products to damage equipment. Once used, the water leaving the plant must meet discharge limits set by regulatory bodies. so, the water quality monitoring and treatment of a plant’s water for its duration of use must be carefully considered, as it can affect all aspects of the processing operations, including brand integrity.


In beverage,beer and food plants, operations will use boiler water and steam generator.so user should concern the pH,ORP,conductivity,dissolved oxygen and temperature.BOQU brand pH sensor,ORP sensor,dissolved oxygen sensor and conductivity sensor can undertake 130C for sterilization and fermentation process.BOQU also have FDA certificates for required sanitary condition.


So If you’re a food or beverage manufacturer and have problem for water quality monitoring .just please contact BOQU, we are professional in water quality morning instruments as you are in food industry.


Recommended Model




PHG-2081X Online pH Analyzer
VBQ Pro1601pH Industrial pH Analyzer


DDG-2080X Industrial Conductivity Meter

Dissolved oxygen

DOG-2082X Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer
VBQ Pro6030XY Industrial Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

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