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Calibration Requirements for Suspended Solid Sensor

Calibration Requirements for Suspended Solid Sensor


Comparison Test:

Standard solution 200mg/l, 5000 mg/l, 12000 mg/l. 

Reverse test the standard solution after calibration, 

The sensor is qualified if the measured value is within the error range.

Make standard Solution:

Weigh 0.5000g of diatomaceous earth (baked at 105°C for 2hours) in a 1L beaker, add 1L of pure water, and constantly stir; the mixed solution is 5000mg/l ;

The standard solution configuration method for other concentrations is same as above.

Calibration Attention in laboratory:

1) Prepare a TSS standard solution of known concentration

2) Prepare a black beaker ,because Sunlight has an effect on the light source

3) Put TSS Sensor vertical in beaker.

4) Ensure sensor head submerged in TSS standard solution.

5)Ensure there is no bubble one sensor membrane.

6) Ensure distance is over 15 cm between sensor head to bottom of beaker.

7) Distance is over 3 cm between side of sensor to side of beaker.

8) In order to ensure that the measured water sample or standard solution is uniform, user should use magnetic stirrer to do evenly stirring when on calibration.


Magnetic Mixer

Suspended Solid Sensor


Suspended Solid Sensor in black beaker

Installation at site:

The sensor needs to be installed horizontally (velocity ≤2.5m/s) where the water velocity is high(velocity ≤2.5m/s),it is advisable to install it in a place where the water flow is slow along the direction of the water flow.



Online Suspended Solid Meter


Online Suspended Solid Meter



Online Suspended Solid Meter

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