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Advantages of CODGS-3000 Online COD Analyzer

Advantages of CODGS-3000 Online COD Analyzer


CODG-3000 Online COD Analyzer use principle of the potassium dichromate method for measuring COD, max range is 150 000mg/L, below is comparing of BOQU,HACH and Endress+Hauser COD Analyzer.

HACH EZ Series Online COD Analyzer

The HACH EZ Series Online COD Analyzers offer multiple options to monitor Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) in water. Typical applications are wastewater and surface water.The HACH EZ7000 Series Online COD Analyzers are single-parameter titrators. There is a choice between two digestion methods.

Dichromate method:

- HACH EZ7000 Online COD Analyzer, 5 - 100 mg/L O2

- HACH EZ7001 cod meter, 40 - 500 mg/L O2

-HACH EZ7002 Online COD Analyzer, 60 - 1000 mg/L O2

-HACH EZ7003 cod meter, 80 - 1500 mg/L O2

-HACH EZ7004 online cod analyzer wastewater, 100 - 10,000 mg/L O2

Permanganate method:

-HACH EZ7050 online cod meter, 0 - 20 mg/L O2

-HACH EZ7051 cod analyzer , 20 - 200 mg/L O2

Endress+Hauser CA80COD Online COD Analyzer

Liquiline System CA80COD Online COD Analyzer uses COD Colorimetric principle for chemical oxygen demand in environmental monitoring, industrial and municipal wastewater ,dimension of Cabinet:793 x 530 x 417 mm31.22 x 20.87 x 16.42 inch Stand housing: 1693 x 530 x 417 mm 66.65 x 20.87 x 16.42 inch.

CODG-3000 Online COD Analyzer in BOQU Instrument

CODG-3000 Online COD Analyzer is developed by BOQU Instrument, it adopts COD dichromate method directly comparable to laboratory results and provide constant online measurement of the chemical oxygen demand (COD). COD measurement range is 5-1500 mg/L;100~5000mg/L;500~15000mg/L COD;It supports you in monitoring the cleaning capacity of wastewater treatment plants and enables load-based billing for industrial dischargers. Automatic calibration and cleaning save operating costs while advanced diagnostics with remote access help to provide process documentation to authorities. The BOQU CODG-3000 Online COD analyzer's software-controlled safety functions ensure the highest level of occupational safety.

Benefit of BOQU CODG-3000 Online COD Analyzer

1)Meeting industry needs: The CODG-3000 online COD analyzer is perfectly suited for environmental monitoring, industrial and municipal wastewater.

2)Fast and easy process integration: Direct installation of self-priming version or y-strainer for bypass applications.

3)Safety on the highest level: Software-controlled safety cover for the reactor and all heated parts,BOQU Instrument has over 50 Software certificate and intellectual property for water quality analyzer

4)Combination of reliable sample delivery and high-precision dosing: Peristaltic pumps are able to cope with particles in the sample. Light barriers enable precise, reproducible dosing,accuracy if COD measurement :≤±10% when ≥100mg/L; ≤±8mg/L when <100mg/L

The  BOQU CODG-3000 Online COD Analyzer monitors:Inlet and outlet of wastewater treatment plants for documentation purposes and calculation of the cleaning capacity,Discharges of industrial wastewater treatment plants to determine discharge fees and to support the polluter-pays-principle Process water

CODG-3000 Online COD Analyzer
CODG-3000 Online COD Analyzer
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