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BOQU Instrument in The 4th Wuhan International Water Technology Expo

BOQU Instrument in The 4th Wuhan International Water Technology Expo


Water resources are the basic conditions for urban development. Water environment and water security are of great significance for the sustainable development of cities and people's quality of life. With the acceleration of China's new industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization, the contradictions between water shortage, deterioration of water ecological environment and growing water demand have become increasingly prominent, which has become a major bottleneck restricting sustainable economic and social development. 

BOQU Instrument in The 4th Wuhan International Water Technology Expo

In recent years, according to the requirements of the Party Central Committee on accelerating the construction of ecological civilization, the construction departments of governments at all levels in China have continuously increased water pollution prevention and environmental protection work. New growth points, with the in-depth promotion of related policies, water treatment is leading to a broad market space. 

In order to improve the development of water technology industry and strengthen the cooperation & exchange among domestic and foreign enterprises, the Fourth Wuhan International Water Technology Expo (WTE 2020), hosted by Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group Co., Ltd, will be held from November 4th to 6th, 2020 at Wuhan International Expo Center, China. Based on the theme of “Water Control With Technology”, WTE 2020 will comprise of four parts, such as Water Quality monitoring instrument,sewage treatment, pump valve pipe, membrane and water treatment as well as terminal water purification, to solve the sewage treatment difficulties of the municipal, industrial and living sectors. WTE 2020 dedicates itself to setting up a platform for water technology trade and exchange in Central China, driving the domestic and foreign enterprises to open up new markets.

In today's world, our earth faces many environmental problems, especially in water quality. As a leading manufacturer in water quality analyzers, BOQU Instrument will use all technologies to solve problems related to human and earth survival and always to be the guardians of the earth's water quality. BOQU Instrument’s online water quality analyzer is mainly used to test pH, conductivity, TDS, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, residual chlorine, suspended solids,TSS, ammonia, water hardness, silica, phosphate, sodium, BOD, COD,Ammonia nitrogen ,total nitrogen,chloride,lead ,iron,nickel,fluoride,copper,zinc etc.

BOQU Instrument as a responsible and high-tech enterprise in China,we think there is still long way to go,so in BOQU factory, all production is strictly according to ISO9001 from source of raw material to finished water quality analysis instrument or sensor . as your trusted supplier of water quality monitoring instrument, we always keep to create benefits for our customers,We work hard for the material and spiritual aspects of all employees,and contribute to the progress and development of humanity. forever to guard the earth's water quality. 

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