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Delivery 30pcs of COD,BOD,TP,TP Analyzer

Delivery 30pcs of COD,BOD,TP,TP Analyzer


BOQU Instrument is a global manufacturer of water quality analyzers, water quality sensors, and solutions for industrial water treatment projects. We provide water measurement solutions for COD,BOD,Ammonia nitrogen ,total nitrogen,total phosphorus,nitrate,nitrate nitrogen,chlorophyll,blue-green algae,chloride,fluoride,oil-in-water,Total Nickel,Total Zinc, Total Copper, Total Lead, Total Iron and other heavy metals etc.Our customers come from various industries, such as chemical, food & beverage, life sciences, power & energy, primaries & metal, oil & gas and water & wastewater, and so on.

Today(2021-4-28),30pcs Online COD Analyzer, Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer, Total phosphorus analyzer, and Total Nitrogen Analyzer are ready to delivery; it will serve for the wastewater treatment plant. below are photos for you.

                 COD,BOD,Ammonia nitrogen ,total nitrogen,total phosphorus,
                 COD,BOD,Ammonia nitrogen ,total nitrogen,total phosphorus,
                 COD,BOD,NH3-N,TP,TN Analyzer
                 Online COD,BOD,NH3-N,TP,TN Measurement
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