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Drinking Water Quality Monitoring System

Drinking Water Quality Monitoring System


Drinking water is an important foundation for the sustainable development of modern cities. Providing safe, reliable and healthy drinking water for the people is the basis for suggesting social and economic development. Drinking turbidity, color, odor and other conventional sensory traits for drinking The quality of the water is crucial. Online monitoring of drinking water sources is particularly important. How can we ensure the safety of water quality in water sources? Real-time, uninterrupted online monitoring of drinking water sources for 24 hours in real time? Water quality monitoring of drinking water sources combines biological monitoring methods with conventional chemical testing methods to form a relatively complete automatic monitoring and early warning system for drinking water. Through this system, early warning of harmful substances can be made, and the water quality of the water supply can be known in time. Condition, the system is compatible with a variety of unconventional online monitoring instruments, especially for pH, turbidity, residual chlorine, conductivity, biotoxicity, organic matter (VOCs), heavy metals, fluoride, cyanide used in drinking water source monitoring. Online monitoring instruments such as chemical, chlorophyll, blue-green algae and algae classification, through a series of integrated technologies, comprehensive application of monitoring data information (warning release and emergency treatment as one system), timely and accurate prediction/report of harmful substances and threats A multi-issue mechanism can realize multi-sector linkage emergency response, and realize remote control sample retention to achieve traceability of water samples, which is convenient for laboratory manual testing and confirmation. When a major pollution accident is discovered, the crisis emergency plan can be made in a short time, and the water plant can be notified in time to adjust the process to ensure the safety of drinking water. In the future, the drinking water monitoring system will have broad market prospects and popularization and application value.


Multiparameters Water Quality Monitoring System

BOQU Drinking Water Quality Monitoring System

1) Real-time monitoring of water temperature, dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, salinity, turbidity, blue-green algae, ammonia nitrogen ion, residual chlorine and other parameters of water source and drinking water, and can expand other monitoring functions.

2) System software and hardware products are independently developed and extensible as customers’ needed.

3) Unattended on-site, automatic and stable and online operation

4) Automatic data collection: automatic real-time collection of monitoring point water quality data

5) Support APP mobile access, and support multi-user concurrent access by local SIM card

6) The system software supports docking with other platforms to achieve multi-system linkage to quickly respond to sudden water pollution incidents.

7) It can cope with emergencies, save energy and reduce consumption, prevent pollution accidents, and effectively guarantee water supply safety.

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