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IOT-RS485-DO Sensor: Superior Water Quality Monitoring

IOT-RS485-DO Sensor: Superior Water Quality Monitoring


Water quality is pivotal to various industries and applications, from ensuring the safe consumption of water to monitoring the specific conditions necessary for industrial processes. The IOT-485-DO Digital Dissolved Oxygen Sensor by BOQU Instrument is a cutting-edge solution for precisely measuring dissolved oxygen and temperature in diverse environments. This sensor is a critical tool for ensuring optimal water quality and is designed for stability, accuracy, and long-term performance.

Unmatched Performance and Versatility

When it comes to monitoring water quality, precision and reliability are non-negotiable. The IOT-485-DO Digital Dissolved Oxygen Sensor consistently provides meticulous measurements, ensuring the highest standards in water quality management.

Measuring Parameters: Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature

The IOT-485-DO Sensor is engineered to provide detailed and precise measurements of two crucial parameters: dissolved oxygen and temperature. This dual functionality ensures comprehensive monitoring, allowing users to obtain a holistic understanding of water quality, ensuring it remains within the desired application specifications.

Measuring Range: 020mg/L (DO), 065℃ (Temperature)

One of the standout features of the IOT-485-DO Sensor is its extensive measuring range. It can accurately measure levels from 0 to 20mg/L for dissolved oxygen, accommodating various environments from freshwater to industrial applications. Additionally, its ability to measure temperature from 0 to 65℃ makes it versatile, ensuring that water temperature remains optimal for different processes and environments.

Exceptional Resolution for Precise Monitoring:

The sensor’s high resolution of 0.01mg/L for dissolved oxygen and 0.1℃ for temperature testify to its superior technology and design. This feature ensures that every measurement is captured with utmost accuracy, providing reliable data that users can depend on for making informed decisions regarding water quality management.

size of IOT-485-DO Digital Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Why Does This Matter?

Safeguarding water quality is critical for numerous applications, including, but not limited to, environmental protection, industrial processes, and public health. Accurate measurements of dissolved oxygen are paramount in various sectors, from ensuring the health of aquatic life to optimizing industrial processes and ensuring water is safe for consumption and use. Precise temperature readings are equally important, helping to monitor and manage conditions for diverse applications, from brewing and fermentation to wastewater treatment.

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Reliability:

The IOT-485-DO Sensor's state-of-the-art technology guarantees that it delivers reliable and accurate readings time and again. This unwavering performance stems from its robust construction, innovative design, and integration of advanced technologies. Its compatibility with standard RS485 Modbus further enhances its versatility, allowing seamless integration into various systems for efficient and centralized water quality management.

Detailed Overview of Key Technical Parameters

When exploring the expansive world of dissolved oxygen sensors, the focus should always be on the technical parameters. These parameters highlight the sensor’s capability, adaptability, and reliability in various working conditions. Let’s delve deeper into the critical technical parameters of the IOT-485-DO Digital Dissolved Oxygen Sensor, shedding light on its superior functionality and unwavering commitment to delivering precision and reliability.

Accuracy: ±0.2mg/L (DO), ±0.5℃ (Temperature)

Accuracy is paramount when it comes to dissolved oxygen sensors. The IOT-485-DO offers exceptional accuracy, with a marginal error of ±0.2mg/L for dissolved oxygen and ±0.5℃ for temperature. This incredible precision ensures that users can access the most reliable data, essential for maintaining optimal water quality standards in diverse applications ranging from industrial processes to environmental monitoring.

Power: 9~36V DC

The IOT-485-DO Sensor’s flexibility in power options is a standout feature. Operating within a range of 9~36V DC allows users to integrate the sensor into various power setups. This adaptability makes installation smoother and ensures consistent performance in diverse operating environments.

Seamless Communication for Efficient Operation

Communication: Standard RS485 Modbus

The sensor’s compatibility with standard RS485 Modbus communication protocol reinforces its position as a technologically advanced tool for water quality monitoring. This feature enables seamless integration into existing monitoring systems, allowing for efficient and centralized data collection and analysis, which is essential for timely and informed decision-making.

Housing Material: SS316

Made with stainless steel SS316, the IOT-485-DO Sensor is built for durability. This robust construction material is renowned for its resistance to corrosion and heat, ensuring the sensor’s longevity even in the most demanding environments. Users can thus count on the sensor for continuous, reliable service, making it a valuable investment for comprehensive water quality management.

Protection: IP68

With an IP68 protection rating, the IOT-485-DO Sensor is fully equipped to handle submersion in water, offering unmatched protection against environmental elements. This superior protection level ensures uninterrupted performance, allowing users to continuously monitor water quality without concerns of sensor damage due to prolonged exposure to water or harsh conditions.

Cable Length: Standard 5 meters (extendable)

The standard 5-meter cable length of the IOT-485-DO Sensor provides ample range for installation in various setups. Extending the cable length further enhances the sensor’s adaptability, ensuring it fits perfectly in diverse applications, from compact systems to extensive water monitoring networks.

Ensuring Comprehensive Water Quality Monitoring Needs Are Met

The extensive, well-thought-out technical specifications of the IOT-485-DO Sensor underscore its commitment to delivering unmatched performance in various conditions. The meticulous attention to detail in each parameter reflects the sensor’s design philosophy – ensuring comprehensive and reliable water quality monitoring. Whether it’s the robust construction or the flexible power options, each aspect is tailored to enhance reliability, ease of use, and overall performance, ensuring that your water quality monitoring needs are met and exceeded.

Trust the IOT-485-DO Sensor as a steadfast ally in maintaining the highest water quality standards and safeguarding the environment and various industrial processes.

Innovative and Robust Design

Housing Material: Stainless Steel SS316

Measurement Electrode: Graphite

Constructed with robust stainless steel SS316 housing and a graphite measurement electrode, the IOT-485-DO Sensor is built to withstand harsh applications, ensuring longevity and consistent performance. It also features a built-in temperature probe for instant temperature compensation, enhancing measurement accuracy.

Exceptional Features for Comprehensive Monitoring

1. IOT Online Dissolved Oxygen Sensor: Smart integration with standard RS485 Modbus.

2. Strong Chip: An Independent chip ensures anti-interference and robust stability.

3. Quality Material: Steel grit mesh dissolved oxygen film for reliable measurements.

4. New Technology: Improved process control and measurement confidence, reducing operational expenditure and process downtime.

5. Waterproof Cable: Ensures maximum transmission distance of 500 meters.

6. High-Quality Combination Electrode: Enhanced dissolved oxygen combination sensor with temperature measurement.

Hassle-Free Operation and Wide Applicability

The IOT-485-DO Sensor stands out for its user-friendly operation. Remote setting and calibration simplify the process, making it easy even for individuals with minimal technical expertise. The sensor is perfect for many applications, including thermal power, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, environmental protection, pharmaceutical, biochemical, food, fermentation, brewing, and tap and wastewater applications.

Final Thoughts

In a world where water quality is paramount, the IOT-485-DO Digital Dissolved Oxygen Sensor by BOQU Instrument emerges as a trusted ally. It promises accuracy and reliability and the peace of mind that your water quality monitoring is in safe, competent hands. Contact us today to ensure that your water quality is consistently monitored, safeguarding the health and efficiency of your applications.

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Ensure excellence and precision in water quality monitoring with the IOT-485-DO Digital Dissolved Oxygen Sensor – where technology meets quality, ensuring your water's purity and safety.

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