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Online Digital COD TSS pH Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor

Online Digital COD TSS pH Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor


Digital pH Sensor

Model: BH-485-pH Digital pH Sensor;1) The characteristics of industrial sewage electrode, can work stably for a long time;2)Built in temperature sensor, real-time temperature compensation;3)·RS485 signal output, strong anti-interference ability, the output range of up to 500m;4) Using the standard Modbus RTU (485) communication protocol 5)The operation is simple, the pH electrode parameters can be achieved by remote settings, remote calibration of pH electrode

Digital TSS Sensor
Model: ZDYG-2087-01 Digital Suspended Solids Sensor,max range is 120 000mg/L,power:12VDC,material is SS316L or tatanium,with auto-clean brush.TSS Sensor principle is based on the infrared absorption scattered light method and combined with the application of ISO7027 method,it’s is widely used in sewage plant, water plant, water station, surface water, farming, industry and other fields.
Digital Online COD Sensor
CODS-3000-01 Digital Online COD Sensor,The digital online COD sensor is based on the absorption of ultraviolet light by organic matter, and uses the 254 nm spectral absorption coefficient SAC254 to reflect the important measurement parameters of soluble organic matter content in water, and can be converted into COD value under certain conditions. This method allows for continuous monitoring without the need for any reagents.the COD measurement range is 0~2000mg/L
Model:BH-485-NH Digital Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor is digital online ammonia nitrogen sensor and with RS485 Modbus,it measure the ammonia nitrogen concentration by an ion selective electrode method. The ammonium ion selective electrode directly detects the ammonium ion in the water environment to determine the concentration of ammonia nitrogen. Use a pH electrode as a reference electrode for better stability. The concentration of ammonia nitrogen in the measurement process is easily interfered by potassium ions, so potassium ion compensation is required.
Open Channel Flow Meter

Current flow:0.1L/Second~ 10m3/Second;Flow accuracy:±(1~3)%(according to Water measuring weir);Max level:3meter ,Level accuracy:±0.3%(in 3 meter);Instrument protection: IP65;Cumulative flow can be queried according to the year, month, day, hour Output signal: (4-20) mA (transmission instantaneous flow);RS485 (transmission instantaneous and cumulative flow);Relay output (1 ~ 4) road (if necessary, please inform when ordering!);Power AC: 220V 50HZ, DC power supply DC (12-36) V 3W

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