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River water quality monitor

River water quality monitor

River Water Quality Monitoring Using Sensors


With the rapid economy development and the continuous people’s living standard improvement , the discharge of industrial and agricultural waste water and domestic sewage has been increased year by year, which has caused serious pollution of urban rivers. According to relevant statistics, just take China as sample, there is 13.7% water is in V Class,the river water has been serious polluted.according to research, urban river pollution mainly comes from four aspects: domestic sewage, industrial waste water, agricultural waste water and rain water. The polluted river water quality has serious effect the city’s development and threat to the people’s health.


On line monitoring of river water quality is a key task to protect river water source.BOQU use advanced technology to monitor river quality on real time,automatic and no human work.BOQU River Water Quality Monitoring System use network technology to collect,store and transfer the water quality data in precision.hope you can join us and contribute own work to protect the environment.


Mainly water parameters in river morning: like Conductivity (EC), Dissolved Oxygen (DO), pH, Total Alkalinity, Turbidity, Total Dissolved solid (TDS),Suspended Solid (TSS), Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD),blue green alga,chlorophyll eth for river water quality monitoring.


Recommended model




PHG-2091 Online pH Meter


ZDYG-2088YT Online Turbidity Meter for low turbidity
ZDYG-2088A Online Turbidity Meter for large turbidity

Suspended soild(TSS)

ZWYG-2087A Suspended Solid Meter


DDG-2090 Online Conductivity Meter
DDG-2080X Industrial Conductivity Meter

Dissolved oxygen

DOG-2092 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
DOG-2082X Dissolved Oxygen Meter
DOG-3082YP Optical Dissolved Oxygen Meter


CODG-3000 Industrial COD Analyzer


BODG-3063 Industrial BOD Analyzer

Blue-green Algae

BAG-18 Online Blue-green Algae Analyzer


CHG-18 Online Chlorophyll Analyzer


NHNG-3010 Industrial Ammonia Analyzer


PFG-3085 Online Hardness Meter


YW-10 Ultrasonic Level Meter


BQ-MAG Electromagnetic Flow Meter

COD,Dissolved oxygen etc

MPF-3099 Buoy Multi-parameters Water Quality Analyzer





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