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Wastewater Treatment in Pig Farm

Wastewater Treatment in Pig Farm


The consequences of piggery farm are increasing public concern particularly, wastewater because of its high pollutant potential. Without the good wastewater treatment systems, it could lead to contaminate the natural water resources nearby. The number of the small and medium size of piggery farms could not afford the wastewater treatment cost.but the wastewater management is needed.

The sewage of the pig farm mainly includes pig urine, part of pig manure and pig house washing water, which is a high-concentration organic sewage, and has a large suspended matter and ammonia nitrogen content. After the untreated sewage enters the natural water body, the suspended solids, organic matter and microbial content in the water are increased, and the physical, chemical and bio-community composition of the water body is changed, and the water quality is deteriorated. Sewage also contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms that will spread through water bodies or through aquatic animals and plants, endangering human and animal health. Therefore, the sewage treatment system of this project adopts the process of solid-liquid separation pretreatment + anaerobic treatment + aerobic treatment + advanced treatment.

Parameters(mg/L)CODBODSSNH3-NTotal phosphorus
Inlet water≤7000≤3000≤3000≤300≤45
Outlet water≤100≤30≤30≤25≤3


CODG-3000 Online COD Analyzer,up to:15000mg/L


BODG-3063 Online BOD Analyzer,up to 10000mg/L

Suspended Solid

ZDYG-2087 Suspended solid meter,max range is up to 120000mg/L


NHNG-3010 Online Ammonia Meter,max range up to 500mg/L

Total phosphorus

TGP-3030 Online Total Phosphorus Meter,max range up to 500mg/L

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