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What is pH?

What is pH?


pH is a measure of the hydrogen ion activity in a solution. Pure water that contains an equal balance of positive hydrogen ions (H +) and negative hydroxide ions (OH -) has a neutral pH.

Solutions with a higher concentration of hydrogen ions (H +) than pure water are acidic and have a pH of less than 7.

Solutions with a higher concentration of hydroxide ions (OH -) than water is basic (alkaline) and have a pH greater than 7.

Why Monitor the pH of Water?

pH measurement is a key step in many water testing and purification processes:

A change in the pH level of water can alter the behavior of chemicals in the water.pH affects product quality and consumer safety. Changes in pH can alter flavor, color, shelf-life, product stability and acidity.Inadequate pH of tap water can cause corrosion in the distribution system and can allow harmful heavy metals to leach out.Managing industrial water pH environments helps prevent corrosion and damage to equipment. In natural environments, pH can affect plants and animals. BOQU Instrument offers the testing equipment, resources, training and software to successfully monitor and maintain pH in a wide array of process applications


BOQU Instrument has a variety of process pH meters and orp meters designed specifically for wastewater, clean water, pure water, fermentation, sterilization.PHG-2091Pro Online pH meter is popularly used for waste water and clean water such as pulp & paper, textiles, metal plating, and heavy industries, drinking water, bottled water, farming, swimming pool, aquaculture, etc.PHG-2081Pro is multifunctional pH ORP meter, widely used for pure or ultra pure water, such as steam and water analysis systems in power plants. for food, dairy industries, brewing, Pharma, Biotech, CIP, SIP, users mainly choose PHG-2081Pro or VBQ online pH ORP Meter, because the temperature compensation can be up to 130C and with an FDA certificate. another side, the VBQ Online pH meter warranty is 3 years.

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