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Why to measure residual chlorine ?

Why to measure residual chlorine ?


Why to measure residual chlorine ?

Significance of residual chlorine: The amount of residual chlorine in the water is intended to protect personal safety and health. The residual amount in the drinking water plant is ≥0.3mg / L, and the residual water in the end of the pipe network is ≥0.05mg / L. If the residual chlorine value is too low, bacteria will be Breeding, the water quality will be bad and cannot be used because it doesn’t achieve the expected disinfection effect; at another side, If the value of residual chlorine is too high,it also will be harmful to human health.


YLG-2058X Wireless Residual Chlorine Meter

1.Multi-parameters: it's to measure pH,Residual Chlorine and tempeature.

2.Touch Screen: Seven inch touch with Humanized operation interface.

3.GSM: Wireless function for Mobile APP and Website.

4.Data Recording: Datalogger function,all data can be save at host and cloud.

5.Download : USB interface to download data by excel type.

6.Application:driking water,swimming pool,hospital waste water,dosing et

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