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BOQU Dissolved Oxygen Measurement in Beer Production

BOQU Dissolved Oxygen Measurement in Beer Production

BOQU DOG-208FA Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

Stable,precision and long operating time during the measurement of dissolved oxygen in wort aeration

Industry: beverage / beer / wort line 

Application: fermentation 

BOQU sensor: DOG-208FA Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

User benefits of DOG-208FA Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

1)Highly reduced costs for service time and consumables

2)Excellent long time stability of sensor

3)Stable readings obtained during daily use

4)Measure dissolved oxygen from ppb to ppm

5)Can handle 130C and 6bar

To receive a good product from beer brewing, the fermentation conditions are decisive. During this process alcohol is produced, which is an essential component of the beer that also affects its flavor. A successful fermentation requires strict control of the ratio between wort, yeast and oxygen. For the control of the oxygen concentration after wort aeration, the Bitburger Brewery has used a BOQU dissolved oxygen sensor DOG-208FA DO for 5 months. Wort aeration is the only step in the beer brewing process where oxygen is desired. Wort contains sugar components from malt. With the help of sterile air, oxygen is blown into the wort and yeast is added, which is responsible for fermentation. Next, the mixture is transferred into the fermenter . The oxygen is added for an optimal propagation of the yeast. The fermentation itself runs without oxygen. Precise control of air dosing is decisive for a consistent fermentation and a constant quality.

Point of Dissolved Oxygen Measurement

Air is injected into the wort line at a total pressure of up to 4 bar. The relation between wort and air during the filling period remains constant and the volumetric flow rate of both air and wort is controlled by flow meters. Figure 2 shows the wort (green) and air (black) volume injected into the wort pipe which fills the fermenter. The mixture of green beer and air is transferred to the fermenter past the point of measurement , where DOG-208FA DO is inserted in a retractable armature for easy cleaning. The fermentation process runs at 0.5 bar above atmospheric pressure and a temperature of 9 to 10 °C in a fermentation tank with a height of 25 m and a volume of 3500 hl (92 460 gal). DOG-208FA is cleaned at the end of each production batch. 2 to 3 % sodium hydroxide solution is used for cleaning in place, with a flow and 80-90 ℃ temperature. Dilute nitric acid is used for neutralization.

DOG-208FA Dissolved Oxygen Sensor with FDA
Protection Housing for  Dissoveld Oxygen Sensor
Protection Housing for  Dissoveld Oxygen Sensor

DO Transmitter with DOG-208FA Dissolved Oxygen Sensor

DOG-208FA DO Sensor can work with VBQ Pro1603OXY Dissolved oxygen meter, we provide 3 years warranty for VBQ Pro1603OXY;DOG-2082X DO Meter provide 4-20mA,RS485,3 relay,also with data recording function.customers also can choose  BD200 Dissolved Oxygen Transmitter,it’s economical solution and directly with 4-2mA; all is good for the process control system of the brewery. 

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